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The Falling of America to Fabian Socialism -Part 1

A Heritage Forgotten

We Americans as a nation were once proud of our founding Fathers and the heritage of the Bible being our textbook of liberty, but now we have been reduced to a people who have allowed the legislation of atheism to creep in and then advance into our schools because we didn’t want the context of the Bible to offend others.  America has forgotten that she was once established as a government upon the principles of Christian liberty that were taken from the Word of God.

The Stirrings of an Agenda

to Neutralize Christianity in America

This process didn’t just happen over a generation, but over many.   An agenda was first widely accepted through the series of Annual Reports to the Massachusetts Board of Education with the writings of Horace Mann in the years 1837-1848.  John Dewey himself gave his endorsement and called him “the father of progressive education.”

Why was this important?

These reports paved the way to a state funded, state directed, and state controlled program of education.  They in turn demanded standardization, structure, specific curriculum, and teacher certification.  This would not have made such a large impact on our nation and civil liberty as a whole if they had not removed the Bible as out textbook for all American citizens.  They then turned away from the inner law of liberty to embrace the psychological atheism to state that “man” was good and society was “bad.”  By saying this, they are suggesting that it is the outward stimuli that causes someone to do bad, instead of an individual’s own inner character being flawed.  By their own lusts and enticements they act out through anger, fear, greed, or lack of integrity, but instead of taking ownership for their actions, they can now blame it on the “environment around them.”

Many ministers during the time Horace Mann was proposing his writings were aware of his drive to see America begin to neutralize Christianity.  Because of their lack of initiative, the previous goal of building solid Christian character and conscience was easily replaced for the building of humanitarians with benevolent inclinations towards mankind.

And for those individuals who wished the schools to teach a patriotism which indicated how great was “the faith of our fathers” there was substituted a bland form of non-controversial democracy and “citizenship in the state.”  Thus the public school was able to accomplish that which the hired European mercenaries of England never could–namely to separate our patriotism from our Christian conviction. (Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History by Rosalie Slater) 

Threat of Control

This threat of “control” was already staring many Americans in the face so many years ago.  It was also recorded by Reverend Matthew Hale Smith who challenged Horace Mann and was then rewarded with labels of extremism,

“The principles of piety, as you illustrate and enforce them, exclude all that treats of human depravity–salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ–the atonement and the sanctions to a good life, drawn from the world to come.  All these common truths, held by nine-tenths of all in this State, who profess any form of Christian faith, are ruled out of schools by the high authority of the Secretary of the Board of Education; they are declared to be sectarian and unconstitutional.  You have settled by the authority of the Board, or without that authority, what Piety is, according to the statute.  Your influence is derived from the Legislature; through you, the people are told what they must receive and be satisfied with, as a construction of the Constitution.  All towns must hear–all districts obey, else incure the penalty of forfeiture of their portion of the school money.”
The fact of America’s establishment as a Christian nation–“reserved by God”–as the early historians indicated–can be richly documented in the work of Miss Verna M. Hall, compiler of Christian History of the Constitution.  Returning to “original” sources of the Journals of Congress, the Journals of the Colonies, governmental proclamations, diplomatic correspondence, letters, speeches, sermons, newspapers of the times, a veritable “treasure house” of evidence has been uncovered.
…For one hundred and fifty years and more…we maintained our Christian character as a nation.  Then began our period of “falling away” when we worshipped the “effect” of our great success–and forgot the “cause.”  Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History by Rosalie Slater

We then filled this vast emptiness with philosophies of man that replaced the battles of our conscience with the social struggles around us, in our economy, and our politics.

Our national chant was no longer filled with salvation or the principles of character that created the patriotism in the hearts of so many men and women.  Our voices rang out for more superficial issues of the progress and society.  We…America…became the teenager that turned her back on her Creator.  And rebellion ran deep and rampant throughout our borders.  Beyond State boundaries, beyond economical boundaries, beyond our ties with other countries…we ran head first into the Agenda of the Socialists.  And America fell…divided.

Please stay tuned for Part 2 as I engage the reality of this Agenda in which several presidents of the United States were privy to, and through their terms in office, helped further the cause to a more “controlled” society that will leave us vulnerable to outside forces…or worse…turn against ourselves.

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Who Were the Covenanters of America?

Have you ever wondered what ever fueled the American Revolutionists to band together against all odds, faiths, and political backing?

Where did American Heroism come from?

From where did these courageous people rise and share their passion for freedom?

How did they accomplish such exploits and acts of devout loyalty?

covenant COVENANT, n. [L, to come; a coming together; a meeting or agreement of minds. ]1. A mutual consent or agreement of two or more persons, to do or to forbear

covenanter COVENANTER, n. He who makes a covenant.
courage COURAGE, n. [L. , the heart. ] Bravery; intrepidity; that quality of mind which enables men to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, or without
plymoth rock

Our nation’s Library of Congress holds a treasure trove of answers to such as these, and quite frankly the long literary trail of evidence that cements the truth will probably be of great shock to the masses of this New America everyone is seeing portrayed.  In the great halls of this wonderful landmark and historical documentation, Truth cannot stay hidden no matter how hard political parties have spent countless “re-writing” of said manuscripts through their own speeches and interpretations.  Woe to any political side who chooses to side against Truth!

Every citizen of the original American populace had come from a distinct group of people. Some from the Calvanists, some from the French Huguenots, and even those from the Dutch, who established and gave us the American primitive New York.  These are the true covenanters of America.  Those that upon arrival pledged their lives, their possessions, and wealth to join together for the common good of all mankind.

How could such a thing be?  How could the joining of such seemingly opposite parties come the joining and be the foundation of the spreading of the seed bed for civil liberty?

“…The Covenanters were here before the American Republic, and they held the principles of the American Revolution long before the American Revolution was inaugurated.  Bancroft tells us that two years before the American Declaration of Independence was issued in Philadelphia, 1776, the Covenanters in Mecklenburg, N.C., in 1774 issued the Mecklenburg declaration, and it contained the very same principles which are in the Philadelphia Declaration.

“…All honor to the Covenanters of America. When the Revolutionary War was declared that old church almost to a man fell into rank, and the report of the Covenanter’s rifle was heard in the very forefront of the battle.

“But why single these men out?  To show that wherever there were true Christians there were true warriors for American liberty.  Through Christian men and women of all races the gospel worked itself into our civil life.  The Pilgrims of Massachusetts, the Covenanters of the Carolinas, the Huguenots of New Jersey, the Hollanders of New York, the Episcopalians of Virginia, all were loyal.  The story of their loyalty to country and of their sacrifice for country is one.”

“The type of men who built the nation in the past, and the principles with which they built, are the men and the principles which alone can develop and preserve the nation.”

~David Gregg, D.D., Makers of the American Republic as stated in Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History by Rosalie J. Slater, 1965.

We as a nation without a doubt need Christ, His Truth, and the men of Christ who exemplify the nature of true civil liberty that is found in no other place on earth, but in the beating breast of man or woman that follows Christ.

Now when I speak of Christian, or Christ, or Christianity I am not talking about the western version of this faith that has slid down in the pits of compromise, wickedness, and hypocrisy.  I am talking about those men and women who literally live and breathe what they believe, and constitute their own lives and families after Christ Himself.  They are the true deliverers of courage that birth herosim.  There are many stories and testimonies even today of many American soldiers giving God the Father praise for HIs merciful hand in the midst of battle.  Even from those American soldiers who once denied His very existence.

True courage is birthed in the face of opposition and fear.  But courage itself is centered on a higher power that you alone could never attain, but that of the grace that has been so freely given us by God Himself.

Please leave your comments below…I would love to hear from you! Join the fight now to not stay in ignorance of our history anymore!  Stand for Truth no matter where it leads you, and do not be afraid to admit where its origins began.  In Christ!

“For God has allowed us to know the secret of His plan, and it is this: He purposed long ago that all human history shall be consumated in Christ.” Ephesians 1:9-10

Living for Freedom


Shawna R. Strickland

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Why Is It So Easy To Forget?

Tidbits to help you remember…

The history of America’s founding and constitutional eras records that fathers and mothers taught their young children how to read from the Bible.  Early trained to reflect upon and reason with God’s Word, children “read and recited, quoted and consulted, early committed to memory and constantly searched it for meaning.  It remained throughout the century the single most important cultural influence in the lives of Anglo-Americans.”  The emphasis on the Bible as the first book of instruction produced individuals of ennobled Christian character and scholarship, who cherished individual liberty with law and birthed the first Christian constitutional republic.  Enjoying God’s abundant blessings and prosperity, America began to forget! ~ Elizabeth L. Youmans, Editor, The Noah Plan April 19, 1997

I know some would have issues concerning the Bible, but it has been irrefutable in its standing throughout the ages as a solid accurate document of historical record.  The sad, but plain truth is most don’t take the time to fully read it from cover to cover before casting it aside in judgement.  As a young family we have tried to teach our children to read, research, and record according to their own findings of such issues.  To bad some of our fellow citizens don’t do the same before acting hastily.

Facts are still facts and Truth…truth.  It is just getting harder to hear what her voice sounds like midst a deceitful world and corrupt society.

Living to Remember…

Shawna Strickland