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photo (4)I have been an at-home mom for so many years now.  Birthed four and raising two more…so a total of six kids!  Yeah, I know…that’s a lot!  The one thing I was thinking about not too long ago was what kind of legacy I wanted to leave behind to my children, not just the wealth and and property one obtains throughout our lives, but the genuine principles that will go with my children to many generations beyond them….This is what birthed Liberty4USA.

It is becoming more difficult to take a stand against rising socialistic propaganda that is penetrating the heart of our country.  But for the fight for freedom and for our Republic, this is what I desire to leave behind.  A hunger for what is true, and what is righteous, and what is just.

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog and commenting on my posts.  I understand that views are just that…views.  So I appreciate your input and those that are following.


Shawna Strickland

For more insight on freedom check out this amazing blogger:



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