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Social Media Backbiting

Times have become a battering ram for competitors to shoot pot shots at each other.   One thing I have noticed on social media especially is the trend to pick up another’s offense.  Using the offense as justification to hold a specific opinion and to state that opinion openly without fear of consequence. After all, freedom of speach…right?

One example is the recent story on the Duggars’ oldest son, Josh.  A family that has been, by many standards, a  blessed and happy family has opened up to something very deep in their lives. Coming clean about something so dark, you would think this would cause a populace to admire the fortitude of the individual for having character to confess. I mean, who in congress, white house, local police departments, schools, or even churches, heck!…your own house, have committed such attrocities but have lied to cover their reputation?  But yet, here we sit with the gavel of judgement on those who would rather be scorned for being truthful than lie.

Just an observation, but if you are picking up an offense that was not directly committef to you, then how are you living in freedom?  How is going along on a wave of lashing or back biting helping you to stand unique and resolute?  How will others see your individual contribution in this worl if all we do is mimic others around us?

Yes, the Duggars have skeletons in the closet.  Yes, they handled it the way they believed best.  No, by any means was it right for those crimes to go undone….yet it was a boy who acted, but a man who confessed.  How many can say the same?  If your skeleton was just as bad, would you have chosen to expose it to light?  Would it change your position on the job?  Maybe make you lose that promotion?  Would your partner walk away from you if he/she knew what you did?  How about your church…would they act differently to you if they only knew what happened?  Would you lose the trust of the one closest to you if they saw your skeleton?

Just questions I ask myself when I am reading a new post or article bashing.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone sexual offense of any kind.  It is the worst offense I believe known to man.  Yet even in this we need to steer clear of entanglments that will keep our minds shackled by the rage of others.

Live free of shackles and mimicry.  Contribute something amazing that will lift others and destroy weights of fear.

Live whole…with life…mercy…and…most of all LOVE!

living for freedom,





Lover of learning, worship, piano, and art, I enjoy spending my time on either. Learning to BE who I am and loving the One who made me. We only have one life. I want to live mine well and leaving a legacy for my grandchildren some day.

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