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Free To Be Yourself


Most would say that success is a sum of wealth and possessions, maybe some level of fame for hard work done, but to my children I am always saying, “Unless you can achieve just being you, you have not reached success.”

Why would I say this?

The concept is to first conquer yourself, then no one else can conquer you.  It is being able to live in the moment or to act upon an inner drive for production and purpose that will carry you through so many trials and wayward roads on your journey of life.

Most of all…YOU SHOULD NOT FEAR what others think or say of you.  Only your actions can prove them right…or wrong.

Only you can determine what your future will hold.  If fear is not at the core of why you choose specific things, then you have a better chance at getting that promotion, or that raise, or that connection, or to build that relationship.

Bottom line:  Don’t Be Afraid To Be You!

Living For Freedom,

Shawna R. Strickland




Lover of learning, worship, piano, and art, I enjoy spending my time on either. Learning to BE who I am and loving the One who made me. We only have one life. I want to live mine well and leaving a legacy for my grandchildren some day.

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