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Let the Light Guide You ~Part 1

A good blogger I recently started to follow gave a great definition of Guru. However, I will take the online source from the English dictionary for this particular post:

gu·ru  (gr, g-r)

n. pl. gu·rus

1. Hinduism & Tibetan Buddhism A personal spiritual teacher.

a. A teacher and guide in spiritual and philosophical matters.
b. A trusted counselor and adviser; a mentor.

a. A recognized leader in a field: the guru of high finance.
b. An acknowledged and influential advocate, as of a movement or idea: “In a culture that worships slimness, he was the Guru of Lean” (Erica Abeel).
Many are in search of a light that is greater than what they have seen.  As a Christian, I will address this as the Earth groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of God to arise.  However, in today’s culture and media, we have down played the affects of Light and have given Darkness a more tamable recognition.  But as my fellow blogger pointed out, we can’t shine the light the brightest without the darkness making its existence known.
It is like going into a dark forest without any full moon.  All around you you hear the sounds of nature and the creatures that live in its midst, but you are unable to “see.”  When someone who has a bright lantern at a campsite, the light begins to draw the wayward individual to the glow of its light.
For some, the Light is the direct result of darkness being absent.  But you can’t have one without the other.  Without Light, the darkness is vast and deep.   Without Darkness the Light is paled against no comparison.
But we are told of a Light that is coming that will make the sun’s light look like that of the moon.  It would pale in comparison to the true brightness of ultimate purity and love.  In this Light there could be no darkness.  There could be no opposite.  There is no rival.  In the Light of His coming….Jesus…all will come to know the Creator, the One who sent Him.

 That all nations of people will acknowledge the

Immediacy of Christ!


IMME’DIACY, n. [from immediate.] Power of acting without dependence.


CHRIST, n. THE ANOINTED; an appellation given to the Savior of the World, and synonymous with the Hebrew Messiah. It was a custom of antiquity to consecrate persons to the sacerdotal and regal offices by anointing them with oil.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation

or shadow of turning.”

James 1:17

What a day that will be when all will come to know the reality of His truth and compassion!

Living for Freedom,

Shawna Strickland



Lover of learning, worship, piano, and art, I enjoy spending my time on either. Learning to BE who I am and loving the One who made me. We only have one life. I want to live mine well and leaving a legacy for my grandchildren some day.

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