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The First Gatherings of Salt Petre and Sulfur for the Use of Gun Powder in the USA

Salt Petre and Sulfur:  

That it be recommended…for their own use, to dispose of them for the purpose of manufacturing gun powder. Continental Congress Saturday, June 10, 1775

Whereas the safety and freedom of every community depends greatly upon having the means of defence in its own power, and that the United Colonies may not, during the continuance of their present important contest for Liberty, nor in any future time, be under the expensive, uncertain and dangerous necessity of relying on foreign importations for Gun Powder: And it being very certain from observation and experiment, that Salt Petre is to be obtained in great abundance from most parts of the Northern Continent; that the surface of the art, in long used tobacco warehouses and their yards, or of common tobacco houses, is particularly and strongly impregnated with Nitre.

…That all persons may be encouraged to apply themselves to the manufacture of Salt Petre…on account of the United Colonies, all the good and merchantable Salt Petre at half a dollar for each pound, that is, or shall be made in their respective Colonies before the first day of October, 1776.

…As Salt Petre is an article so necessary for the defence, and in other respects, so extensively useful, it is an object that not only requires the public patronage, but demands the attention of individuals…

Friday, July 28, 1775, Journal of the Continental Congress, Vol. II, Washington, 1905

Seeing the references in the beginning stages of our country’s birth and formation, we can believe that it was a nation being formed By the People, and For the People.  Individual and Civil Liberty have taken a drastic toll on our nation as we introduce new laws that are conformed to the voice of fear.

In our birth, fear did not make our choices…it was because they fought fear that we became the republic in such a short amount of time and faster than any other nation in the world up to that point that could properly display the perfect example of civil liberty through civil self-government.  This was accomplished through our obsorbing of the Scriptures that taught self-government: self-control, the ability to govern one’s self.  Powerful men and women rose up during this time period.   Men and women of courage NOT of fear!

Living for Freedom

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