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Why Is It So Easy To Forget?

Tidbits to help you remember…

The history of America’s founding and constitutional eras records that fathers and mothers taught their young children how to read from the Bible.  Early trained to reflect upon and reason with God’s Word, children “read and recited, quoted and consulted, early committed to memory and constantly searched it for meaning.  It remained throughout the century the single most important cultural influence in the lives of Anglo-Americans.”  The emphasis on the Bible as the first book of instruction produced individuals of ennobled Christian character and scholarship, who cherished individual liberty with law and birthed the first Christian constitutional republic.  Enjoying God’s abundant blessings and prosperity, America began to forget! ~ Elizabeth L. Youmans, Editor, The Noah Plan April 19, 1997

I know some would have issues concerning the Bible, but it has been irrefutable in its standing throughout the ages as a solid accurate document of historical record.  The sad, but plain truth is most don’t take the time to fully read it from cover to cover before casting it aside in judgement.  As a young family we have tried to teach our children to read, research, and record according to their own findings of such issues.  To bad some of our fellow citizens don’t do the same before acting hastily.

Facts are still facts and Truth…truth.  It is just getting harder to hear what her voice sounds like midst a deceitful world and corrupt society.

Living to Remember…

Shawna Strickland



Lover of learning, worship, piano, and art, I enjoy spending my time on either. Learning to BE who I am and loving the One who made me. We only have one life. I want to live mine well and leaving a legacy for my grandchildren some day.

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