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Living With Fear

As I was sitting here thinking about freedom my mind wandered to my job. I work in part of the medical field and see a lot of patients throughout the week.

I’m seeing an increase of people on medicine for anxiety or depression. The amount is not small, but large. Back just 20 years ago this was not common. Now we have meds prescribes as candy to handle a common enemy…FEAR.

These meds don’t encourage us to brave the unknown or to forge ahead. They don’t require us to confront, take stands or find our guts. Instead they pacify, create an illusion of peace and calm, but in reality you are disconnected, dazed, and/or numb from the world. So in the end…FEAR WINS.


Just because you take a medicine to help you feel better doesn’t make the actual fear go away. It will stay there in the recess of your mind until the day comes that you reckon with it. Fear is an enemy that will keep you tied up, enable you to participate, create nightmares of circumstances, cause you to lose your peace.


WITH PERFECT LOVE! It casts it far from you. Seek this love and He will find you.

Living for freedom,

Shawna Rae

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Ice Storm 2018



Even ice has a beauty all its own.”

We have been having the most interesting weather in the past several months here in Texas.  We have had high temperatures, hurricane Harvey, severe flooding, tornadoes, and SNOW!

My husband and I have lived in this area for more than twenty years, and this is the most diverse weather we’ve seen yet.


Shout out to our fellow Texans…stay warm, stay safe, and don’t drive!  Unless, of course, you are not native and actually came from a northerly neighbor state.  In that case, safe driving.

Living FREE


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Shout Out!

New changes are coming for Liberty4USA. Even though I have been absent for awhile with starting a new job and just life, I am so excited to get things rolling for this new year.  Just look for some wonderful inspiration and videos that will be unleashed in this new season.  Thanks!

Freedom for all.


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Social Media Backbiting

Times have become a battering ram for competitors to shoot pot shots at each other.   One thing I have noticed on social media especially is the trend to pick up another’s offense.  Using the offense as justification to hold a specific opinion and to state that opinion openly without fear of consequence. After all, freedom of speach…right?

One example is the recent story on the Duggars’ oldest son, Josh.  A family that has been, by many standards, a  blessed and happy family has opened up to something very deep in their lives. Coming clean about something so dark, you would think this would cause a populace to admire the fortitude of the individual for having character to confess. I mean, who in congress, white house, local police departments, schools, or even churches, heck!…your own house, have committed such attrocities but have lied to cover their reputation?  But yet, here we sit with the gavel of judgement on those who would rather be scorned for being truthful than lie.

Just an observation, but if you are picking up an offense that was not directly committef to you, then how are you living in freedom?  How is going along on a wave of lashing or back biting helping you to stand unique and resolute?  How will others see your individual contribution in this worl if all we do is mimic others around us?

Yes, the Duggars have skeletons in the closet.  Yes, they handled it the way they believed best.  No, by any means was it right for those crimes to go undone….yet it was a boy who acted, but a man who confessed.  How many can say the same?  If your skeleton was just as bad, would you have chosen to expose it to light?  Would it change your position on the job?  Maybe make you lose that promotion?  Would your partner walk away from you if he/she knew what you did?  How about your church…would they act differently to you if they only knew what happened?  Would you lose the trust of the one closest to you if they saw your skeleton?

Just questions I ask myself when I am reading a new post or article bashing.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone sexual offense of any kind.  It is the worst offense I believe known to man.  Yet even in this we need to steer clear of entanglments that will keep our minds shackled by the rage of others.

Live free of shackles and mimicry.  Contribute something amazing that will lift others and destroy weights of fear.

Live whole…with life…mercy…and…most of all LOVE!

living for freedom,



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Free To Be Yourself


Most would say that success is a sum of wealth and possessions, maybe some level of fame for hard work done, but to my children I am always saying, “Unless you can achieve just being you, you have not reached success.”

Why would I say this?

The concept is to first conquer yourself, then no one else can conquer you.  It is being able to live in the moment or to act upon an inner drive for production and purpose that will carry you through so many trials and wayward roads on your journey of life.

Most of all…YOU SHOULD NOT FEAR what others think or say of you.  Only your actions can prove them right…or wrong.

Only you can determine what your future will hold.  If fear is not at the core of why you choose specific things, then you have a better chance at getting that promotion, or that raise, or that connection, or to build that relationship.

Bottom line:  Don’t Be Afraid To Be You!

Living For Freedom,

Shawna R. Strickland


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Freedom Within

My son knows that to rule he must first conquer himself; showing his character within as proof he is a free man.  No man, nation, group, or institution can rule over him if he learns to rule his own soul.  Our body is faint, but our souls bear fruit of what is within us. Whether it be right or unjust. If a seven year old can grasp it, why do we have a populace that is growing in ignorance?

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Liberty Within Us

Explaining Freedom to a Seven Year Old

Going over one of the many lessons I taught my seven year old son, the one that stuck out the most was about freedom.  Freedom has always been one of those special, but invisible things we took for granted growing up in my generation that loved and sparked the ’90s entertainment and music industry.  What was freedom?  Why was it so important that it took wars and
sacrificed lives to gain it?

For our lesson to explain freedom, I drew three people.  Each smaller than the first.  So a person within a person, within a person.   To begin to explain this illustration I must first explain the true definition of freedom or liberty.





1. A state of exemption from the power or control of another; liberty; exemption from slavery, servitude or confinement. Freedom is personal, civil, political, and religious. [See Liberty.] 

2. Particular privileges; franchise; immunity; as the freedom of a city. 

3. Power of enjoying franchises. 

4. Exemption from fate, necessity, or any constraint in consequence of predetermination or otherwise; as the freedom of the will. 

5. Any exemption from constraint or control. 

6. Ease or facility of doing any thing. He speaks or acts with freedom. 

7. Frankness; boldness. He addressed his audience with freedom. 

8. License; improper familiarity; violation of the rules of decorum; with a plural. Beware of what are called innocent freedoms.

With the first definition taken from the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary that our Founding Fathers used back in the day, you can see we obtain freedom through four facets: personal, religious, civil, and political.

We must first learn to control our own actions, thoughts, and deeds, which is tied directly to a person’s beliefs.  How someone thinks, so they will be.  What they have believed and transformed into inner knowledge, becomes their actions to the outside world.  So to my seven year old I say,

            “Son, there are a lot of people in this world that would like to tell you how to be, how to act, what you can say or not say, or what kind of job you will get based on scoring, but if you learn to control how you react to situations, learn how to control your emotions, learn to build your faith in the only source of Truth this world has ever been privy to, which is Jesus Christ, you will rule cities and nations some day.  Greater is a man who can rule his own soul then one who gains riches and loses his soul.  You, my son, will be a man that rules a city!”

Christ shows us how to set ourselves free from bondage, fear, pride, desires, lusts, and those things that pull us into a life of selfishness.  After all, those that stay in their own bubble eventually push others away and are alone for they only seek after those things that please themselves.  Jesus Christ is the ultimate body of selflessness and sacrifice.  His love sets us free to be who He created us to be.  We don’t have to walk around afraid to be ourselves.  To try something new.  Go for that promotion.  Take a chance on that book.  Start your own business.

Our Founding Fathers knew this to be true.  

Without inner freedom we could not

produce from ourselves civil freedom.  

Civil Freedom

The way we react to others around us in our local communities and governments depend on how much control we have of our self.  Those with true character that’s been tried and proven will hold fast to their beliefs without wavering.  This type of person creates an atmosphere of freedom for others.  They bring to the table the knowledge that a strong soul bears witness to those freedoms coveted by all.  They will fight for freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to protect yourself and your family, the freedom to work and earn wages, the freedom to start your own business and enterprise, the freedom to one’s own property of body and that which is legally owned through purchase or trade.  With men and women like this in our civil authorities like police departments, schools, judges, mayors, governors, and business owners, we have a plowed field with seeds watered from those before and fruit that grows up and out….out to the political farm called Government.

Political Freedom

When our men and women who protect our freedoms from within reach the positions of leadership, they branch out to the political arena where those neighbors and friends around them honor them by placing them in these heavily responsible positions.  It was once an honor to have been chosen for your name, that is one that was built on honesty and fairness.  Now with the lack of those who really love freedom in leadership in the political arena, we have a government that is choosing things for us.  Gone are the days we represented the people.  Now those that cheat their way to top, or step on the efforts of another to gain what they desire are the very ones that are in control of your outward freedoms.

But a people who are truly free from the inside out can never be squelched  or silenced.  These are those from whom new days and eras are birthed and nations truly transformed.

So my son knows that to rule means he must first conquer himself and show his character from within to prove he is free.

Whom the Son has set free, is free indeed!

Living for Freedom One Day at a Time,

Shawna R. Strickland